Gig in a Flat


What is a "Gig in a Flat"?

As musicians, both Kandy and Iain have experienced playing on big stages.

Kandy has performed to 5,000 seat auditoriums, sharing a stage with
Randy Travis as one of the two musical guests booked to perform at an
industry awards ceremony in Las Vegas honoring John Travolta, Jon
Voight, and Salma Hayek, and touring China in support of the Rene
Liu/Alan Thicke movie "X-Roads", in which she co-starred and performed
three songs.

Iain has played at music festivals in Britain, France and Switzerland,
entertaining crowds of up to 10,000 as the opening act for artists
such as KT Tunstall, Jimmy Cliff, and Bill Wyman of the Rolling

As much as they enjoy playing to large audiences with lights and
amplifiers and electric instruments, though, Kandy and Iain agree that
some of their favorite musical experiences have been performing in
friends' apartments (or "flats", as Iain called them in the UK),
sitting on sofas, and running through favorite songs for a small group
of friends in an intimate, informal, acoustic setting. In such
moments, magic often happens, but the audience never get to see it!

This thought provided the inspiration for "Gig in a Flat" --

a new series of evenings where the audience can sit right next to the band
in a relaxed, domestic environment, enjoy a glass of wine, and be
there, right up close, while they make music

-- and, hopefully, magic!